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Andrew Stevens, PGA
Head Golf Professional
630.820.1007 ext. 215

Jason Lundbeck​, PGA
Assistant Professional
630.820.1007 ext. 216

Matt Gebhardt​, PGA
Assistant Professional

Stonebridge Operation 36

Tue. 6/11 at 10:00am
Fri. 6/14 at 10:00am
Tue. 6/18 at 10:00am
Fri. 6/21 at 10:00am
Tue. 6/25 at 10:00am
Fri. 6/28 at 10:00am
Wed. 7/3 at 10:00am
Fri. 7/5 at 10:00am
Tue. 7/9 at 10:00am
Fri. 7/12 at 10:00am
Tue. 7/16 at 10:00am
Fri. 7/19 at 10:00am
Tue. 7/23 at 10:00am
Fri. 7/26 at 10:00am
Tue. 7/30 at 10:00am
Fri. 8/2 at 10:00am
Tue. 8/6 at 10:00am
Fri. 8/9 at 10:00am
Tue. 6/11 at 9:00am
Fri. 6/14 at 9:00am
Tue. 6/18 at 9:00am
Fri. 6/21 at 9:00am
Tue. 6/25 at 9:00am
Fri. 6/28 at 9:00am
Wed. 7/3 at 9:00am
Fri. 7/5 at 9:00am
Tue. 7/9 at 9:00am
Fri. 7/12 at 9:00am
Tue. 7/16 at 9:00am
Fri. 7/19 at 9:00am
Tue. 7/23 at 9:00am
Fri. 7/26 at 9:00am
Tue. 7/30 at 9:00am
Fri. 8/2 at 9:00am
Tue. 8/6 at 9:00am
Fri. 8/9 at 9:00am
Tue. 6/11 at 8:00am
Fri. 6/14 at 8:00am
Tue. 6/18 at 8:00am
Fri. 6/21 at 8:00am
Tue. 6/25 at 8:00am
Fri. 6/28 at 8:00am
Wed. 7/3 at 8:00am
Fri. 7/5 at 8:00am
Tue. 7/9 at 8:00am
Fri. 7/12 at 8:00am
Tue. 7/16 at 8:00am
Fri. 7/19 at 8:00am
Tue. 7/23 at 8:00am
Fri. 7/26 at 8:00am
Tue. 7/30 at 8:00am
Fri. 8/2 at 8:00am
Tue. 8/6 at 8:00am
Fri. 8/9 at 8:00am
Tue. 6/11 at 7:00am
Fri. 6/14 at 7:00am
Tue. 6/18 at 7:00am
Fri. 6/21 at 7:00am
Tue. 6/25 at 7:00am
Fri. 6/28 at 7:00am
Wed. 7/3 at 7:00am
Fri. 7/5 at 7:00am
Tue. 7/9 at 7:00am
Fri. 7/12 at 7:00am
Tue. 7/16 at 7:00am
Fri. 7/19 at 7:00am
Tue. 7/23 at 7:00am
Fri. 7/26 at 7:00am
Tue. 7/30 at 7:00am
Fri. 8/2 at 7:00am
Tue. 8/6 at 7:00am
Fri. 8/9 at 7:00am

Register for SCC Junior Golf here

Consider the junior golf program that has been organized in the past here at the club: anywhere from 5-7 weeks long, with one forty-minute group clinic per week, followed by some on-course play.  This has been the framework for the junior golf program for most clubs for decades.  The problems with it are significant, mainly that: it’s loosely structured, provides limited, if any, significant instruction to individual students, is boring for both the student AND instructor, and lacks the ability to measure a student’s success.

We think there’s a better way.

Operation 36 is organized by a network of golf professionals who believe that, in order to grow the game, we need to have a motivating player development roadmap to help introduce and develop skilled golfers.  The challenge we set for our players is the score of 36 (par for 9 holes). By working from green to tee-box versus the traditional tee-box to green, it lowers the challenge point, and is a motivating way to learn and progress in the sport.

Operation 36 utilizes a state of the art app that allows students and parents to track and measure progress, while also allowing instructors to interact regularly with their students and monitor progress, assign drills and ‘homework’, etc.

The summer session of Op36, which will replace the club’s traditional, tired junior golf program, will stretch over 9 weeks with two hours of fun-filled and significant instruction per week for each student and five “tests” held bi-weekly to provide the desired challenge point for each student.
More Instruction – We will be providing EIGHTEEN hours of instruction per junior, along with TEN hours of testing, over the nine weeks, as opposed to just FOUR hours of instruction in past programs.
Children and grandchildren of all golf members are eligible to participate.  Entry fee for the nine week summer session and testing is $340 per junior.  Parents of multiple participants will enjoy a small per-student discount:
  • 1 student: $360pp
  • 2 students: $340pp
  • 3 or more students: $320pp
Children of non-golf Stonebridge members (Tennis, House, & Social) are also eligible to participate!  Entry fee for the nine-week summer session and testing is $460 per junior.  Parents of multiple participants will enjoy a small per-student discount:
  • 1 student: $480pp
  • 2 students: $460pp
  • 3 or more students: $440pp
New This Year: Children of Non-Stonebridge members may also participate in Op36 as long as they are accompanied by a member’s child (friend, family member, etc.).  Note: This is limited to one child per non-SCC member family.
  • 1 student: $600pp
Students will be divided into groups based on age.  Should talents vary, the professional staff may shift a student from one group to another that may be more beneficial to their learning experience. Groups are defined as follows:
  • A1: Future Stars – 6 thru 7 years old
  • B1: ages 8 thru 10
  • C1: ages 11 thru 13
  • D1: ages 14 thru 16
Test Dates for All Groups
Sun. 6/16 at 4:30:pm
Sun 6/30 at 4:30pm
Sun 7/14 at 4:30pm
Sun 8/4 at 4:30pm
Sun 8/11 at 4:30pm

End of Year Awards Ceremony
Sunday August 25th at 5:00pm
All Op36 participants and parents are encouraged to attend
*Country Club Casual Attire*
Sessions will take place twice per week, on Tuesday and Friday mornings. *Unless otherwise noted*

Register for SCC Junior Golf here